gods, Mary looks so dead in the portrait with her PJs. Like, I get that she’s been in the hospital for a while and whatnot, but she just looks so pale that she could be a corpse.

The realization that I kind of ship Kei and Eriko more like


This is literally the stupidest comic I have ever made and I’m not even sorry


This is literally the stupidest comic I have ever made and I’m not even sorry



refresher on araki’s thoughts on lgbt themes in jjba (from his interview in Eureka! magazine 2007):

  • you want to read some homoeroticism into Character A and Character B’s relationship? sweet! you can do that. go for it. go wild.
  • just because it isn’t explicitly canon doesn’t mean it can’t happen. actually, it brings a fresh perspective to the story that araki thinks is neat.
  • DIO canonically is attracted to both men and women.
  • Johnny/Gyro confirmed to be super snuggly together
  • DIO/Pucci is meant to be ambiguous
  • still no word on whats up with anasui

kewl0210 on the jojo forums recently scanned and translated some of this article


oh man you like snk too? let’s chat





oh wait you mean the anime with the titans and the German kid?

sorry I’ll just go

Track Title: Pussy Control

Artist: Prince

Album: The Golden Experience


Prince | Pussy Control

To those who can do remotely anything with really long nails or with fake nails, I gotta give you at least some respect. Y’all can go about your lives and do whatever the hell you want and do it flawlessly.

Oh my gods. It’s been too long since I’ve actually written anything besides essays so it’s kind of weird writing a story of two JoJo antags fucking in a tub.


Many members of the Joestar family, starting with Jonathan, had lived tragically short lives.

do not remind me, jojo wiki


worst pain imaginable

I feel like these are gonna snap off and that kind of worries me.